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Sorry, I do not sell pets at this time, however, I will try to keep this page updated with anything I may have for sale, or you can contact me for more information on up and coming juniors. I also did not post most of brood my brood quality animals for sale, so please email me if you are interested.

I am currently operating on a first come first serve basis and will not hold or accept deposits on any of the rabbits listed.

Polish Paradise's RT118- Chocolate junior buck. Awesome body type. Out of mostly Drew lines. $60

Polish Paradise's RT116- Black junior doe. Fantastic body type. petite body, bold eye, tight shoulder, full hind quarter. She is out of Drew lines. I apologize for the old picture. $100

Polish Paradise's Saturn- This junior buck has fantastic type. He is really depthy. He is a little bit narrow and long in body, but he has a nice thick head and ear. Mostly Drew lines. $30

Polish Paradise's Finn- This buck is a nice junior buck out of Gordon and Drew lines. $35

Polish Paradise's Melody- Junior doe who carries REW. out of Gordon and Southern Dogwood's lines. $20

Bundles of Bunnies PTE- Blue senior buck. I apologize for the old picture. $40

Sypnieski's Y75- Chocolate proven senior doe. Throws beautiful babies, and she is still young. Tiny girl. $125

Kilander's B17- REW proven senior doe. Throws huge litters, but is a brood doe due to her size and dewlap. $40

Lindzie's Jack Frost- Nice REW senior buck. Has fantastic lines behind him with every rabbit in his pedigree with at least 2 legs except for two of them. I haven't shown him because he was 3.07 pounds when I last weighed him. $50

Polish Paradise's Cracker. Nice doe. Proven, and throws blue. $40

Drew's 312DB- Held the position as main herd buck for the last year. He still shows very well with four GC legs. Three of those legs were BOS awards. He has fantastic body type and although he is plain in the head, he throws buck heads and thick ears even on does. He is relaxed in the picture. $150

Polish Paradise makes nice, heavy duty, one inch thick nest boxes with solid wood bottoms and sanded corners. No ply wood is used.

Small (11"LX8"WX6"H front 4"H) $8

Medium (13"LX9"WX7"H front 4"H) $9

Large (16"LX11"WX9"H front 6"H) $10

Custom (ie... wire mesh bottom, unique dimensions, different material) $20

If you want a custom made nest box, send me a five dollar down payment to pay for material, then pay the rest when you come get it, or meet me at a show. Guaranteed to be made within three days of order.

Sales Policy

-I will not sell a rabbit under 8 weeks of age. Do not ask me, please, because the answer will be "no."

Any rabbit that is to be held for more than three days will require a 50% nonrefundable down payment. Any rabbit to be held for more than 14 days must have a 100% nonrefundable payment. I will then send a notice to the buyer 20 days after the second payment. If I do not hear from the buyer 21 days after full payment is made, the rabbit will be posted back up for sale.

- Polish Paradise can decline sale to anyone at any time. If you have made any payments and I cancel the sale, you will receive a full refund.

- All my rabbits will come with a full pedigree, unless noted otherwise.

- All my rabbits are sold in good health. I would never sell a sick or dying rabbit on purpose. If a rabbit dies of sickness within ten days, I will either give the buyer a full refund (not including any shipping fees, or holding fees) or the buyer may choose a rabbit of equal or lesser value at my discretion. The buyer must have proof that the animal is deceased by way of vet records or photograph, otherwise the buyer must assume responsibility.

-  I don't offer stud services to ANYONE. This prevents the spread of any diseases. If a buyer who buys a doe and wants her bred, I will breed it to one of my bucks that they may choose from. I will not breed to does not in the herd. Additional fees may apply depending on the buck with no guarantees of a pregnancy.

- I do ship multiple animals within a reasonable distance. Any costs that may be involved (including gas) are the responsibility of the buyer BEFORE THE DELIVERY.

-If you ever decide to sell a rabbit that you have purchased from us, we would appreciate for you to offer it back to us to buy from you first. Then if we do not want to buy it, you can sell it to anyone you want.

-I personally check every animal for any disqualifications, and I will let the buyer know if there are any problems. I may miss something, so the buyer is responsible to check over the rabbit before they take it home.

- Prices on rabbits are subject to change.

-I do not keep a waiting list. If I don't have anything for sale at the time a person contacts me, they can check back often.

- The only methods of payment I am accepting is Cash, Paypal, or check. If a check is written I will wait for the check to clear before the buyer is allowed to have their rabbit. No boarding fee will apply.

- I may trade for pedigreed, healthy, Polish.

If you have any questions about my Sales Policy, feel free to contact me at any time. Rachel Taylor at 517-518-2408 or  [email protected]