Rachel's Polish Paradise

   Show Quality Polish

Below are some of the animals in my barn. Not all of them are of my breeding. Beneath the picture is the parent's of that particular rabbit. I do not own all of the parents of these rabbits. In parenthesis is the barn name of the rabbits that I own given to them by me, not the breeder. On the pedigrees is the name given to them by the breeders to keep the pedigrees genuine and true.

This is Cracker. Pretty little doe was out of Polish Paradises sugar and Cracker Jack. She could use a little more hindquarter and shoulder. She will be up for sale when she weans her litter.

                                       Polish Paradise's Craker

                 Mankel's K18 (Cracker Jack) X Polish Paradise's Sugar

This is a young blue buck we purchased at PaSRBA this year. He has great confirmation, but he really doesn't like to pose. I would like to see darker color on him, and maybe a bolder eye, but he is all around a solid little guy.

Bundles of Bunnies' Poteus

Slatehill's 7B9 X Slatehill's 215

This Doe I bought from Carol George in Indiana. When I took her to Mason, she took BOV giving her her first leg. Now looking a bit molty and washed out in color.

                                          Stable Room's P19

Stable Room's LG3 X Stable Room's Q3

1 Leg

BOV 11/9/13-GLRC 

This is Diesel this is the main herd buck in Polish Paradise's and C&M's lines. He has fantastic depth and width of body, but is just a touch long in the shoulder. He has proved to be a fantastic sire.

Drew's 226DB (Diesel)

Drew's OT x Drew's R7

9 legs

BOB 7/13/13 - Cal-Bra-Hill

BOB 6/23/13 - GLRC

BOS 7/5/13 - Cakland County Fair

BOV 2/2/14 - PaSRBA

BOV 2/1/14 - PaSRBA

BOV 6/23/13 - CLRCS

BOV 6/22/13 - CLRCS

BOV 4/6/13 - Calumet RBA

BOSV 2/1/14 PaSRBA

This little chocolate doe named Berry is just over a year old. I got her from Drew Bliss a while back, and she sure did not disappoint! Time and time again, she has given me beautiful babies that are absolute showstoppers! She is currently raising five chocolates out of Watson
                                      Drew's RAZ (Berry)
                                   Drew's OT X Drew's 81DB
2 Legs

 This is Watson, one of my herd bucks from Drew Bliss. Fantastic body types, and fantastic lines. He could use a bit more of a head, and some scattered white hairs. Looking forward to some of the litters he sired. He is for sale for $100.

                                     Drew's 312DB (Watson)

                               Drew's 94DB X Drew's 12DB

2 legs



This is Amy. I am the proud new owner of this doe from Trevor Sypnieski. She is SUPER typey. Due to give birth hopefully January 19th. I must admit, I am pretty nervous because I waited as long as I could for her to get bigger before breeding her, but she is still so little!
                                       Sypnieski's Y75 (Amy)
Cotter's Toby X Sypnieski's SK12

New guy on the block is Lindzie's Jack Frost. He has a fabulous body on him. When I looked at his pedigree, I noticed there was only two rabbits that didn't have any G.C. legs. Looking forward to picking him up at polish nationals.

Lindzie's Jack Frost

Lindzie's Picture Perfect X Drew's Glimmer

This is Samuel. He is a REW buck that I bought from Southern Dogwood Rabbitry. He is a super cute guy who already has a best of breed under his belt. He has a nice blocky head that will cross well with my others who have finer heads

              Pictures courtesy of Southern Dogwood Rabbitry

               Southern Dogwood's A Boy named Sue (Samuel)

                                            1 leg

This is Snow White. I bought her from Trevor Sypnieski at convention this year. She won youth BOV there giving her her first leg, and her second at the Mason show where she also won BOV. I am hoping she will give birth soon. Pretty nice foundation doe, right? Molting a bit in the picture. She had three little REW bucks.

                                 Sypnieski's Y44 (Snow White)

                            Sypnieski's RET X Sypnieski's 40S

2 Legs

BOV 8/22/13 - 2013 ARBA Convention

BOV 11/9/13 - GLRC

This is my other foundation doe, Riley. I got her from Kilander's Rabbitry. She has not been shown due to a very small due lap, but she has a fantastic hindquarter and top line. I am out trying to break the myth that all REWs are long, flat, and pinched with poor shoulders. She had babies on 1/27/14 with Polish Paradise's/ C&M'S Twister, and they are turning out fantastic.

Kilander's (Riley)

Kilander's E173 X Kline's C9

A special thanks to Drew Bliss for C&M's and Polish Paradise's herd bucks 312DB, 333DB, and 226DB. They have given me many beautiful babies highlighted by some of those pictured below.

This is a sibling to Moon and Lindsay. This one is named Ranger. He has a nice short compact body with a well rounded face. He is the full brother out of an older litter to Moon. He got a leg at the show at MSRBA when he won his class. Then when he got a little older, I took him to PaSRBA state convention and took BOSB twice, and BOSV once. 

                           Polish Paradise's/ C&M's Ranger

                       Drew's 226DB (Diesel) X Polish Paradise's Sugar

4 legs

BOS 2/1/14 - PaSRBA

BOS 2/1/14 - PaSRBA

BOSV 2/2/14 - PaSRBA

This junior doe was a complete surprise out of Christine, whom I was going to remove from my herd due to consistently throwing babies that were much worse than herself. As a last ditch effort, I bred her mom to the same buck that the two above were out of, and I manage to get a nice little NIC baby with a much needed short compact body. I named her Rose. She got her first junior leg at the Mason show when she got BOV. I don't know how many were in the variety yet, but there were 5 junior does. She is now shared between C&M's herd and mine. Currently she has a black buck, a black doe, a chocolate buck, and a chocolate doe in the nest box.

Polish Paradise's/ C&M's Venus

Drew's 226DB (Diesel) X Mankel's K25 (Christine)

1 Leg

BOV 11/9/13 - GLRC

This is Simba. He is the brother to Nala. He is a gorgeous buck with a short cobby body and lots of depth. He does not look that great in the picture because he was nine weeks old.

Polish Paradise's Simba

Drew's 333DB X Drew's RAZ

This little junior doe is named Polka Dot, affectionately named by a judge for her cute nose spots. This little doe popped out of Berry and a buck from my friend called Deisel (AKA Drew's 226DB). When she gets older, I will not be surprised if she would beat anything in my barn. I took her to a show as an eight week old and placed second in a class of 6 rabbits to the best of breed winner purely because her head hadn't developed yet. Then she got her first junior leg at the Mason show when she won her class of 7. She and Fantasia are fighting for the title "best junior in the barn!" She is now a senior pregnant with a promising litter due to give birth 1/19/14

              Polish Paradise's/ C&M's Polka Dot 

          Drew's 226DB (Diesel) X Drew's RAZ (Berry)

2 legs

BOSV 2/1/14 PaSRBA

This is a really bad picture of Nala at 9 weeks old. She and her brother are replacing her dad, Sherlock. She is to see her first show at MSRBA 3/1/14.

Polish Paradise's Nala

Drew's 333DB X Drew's RAZ

Freckles is an absolute gem. She is going to be fantastic. besides a slightly narrow shoulder, and a somewhat forward peak. She is as tall as a mountain, and super short body. Her head is short and wide, she is as tall as a mountain, and she has a very full hindquarter. The only thing she needs more of is a shoulder. She has a broken black doe and a chocolate doe she is currently raising.

Polish Paradise's/ C&M's Freckles

 Drew's 226DB (Diesel) X Polish Paradise's/ C&M's Demon

This little doe is named Fantasia. She is Crystal's baby that took fourth out of eight as an eight week old baby, then third out of eight at the mason show, which, by the way is pretty rare since babies of that age haven't had a chance to grow into a nice adult coat, or head. Also, She won best opposite breed (shown as a senior, but was actually a junior) at MSU show A out of the 90 rabbits shown that day. She is an incredible little doe.

                        Polish Paradise's/ C&M's Fantasia

           Drew's 226DB (Diesel) X Silver Hutches Alison (Crystal)

1 leg

Moon, is a sweet junior doe that is out of Drew's 226DB. She has a lot of promise with a short, round, compact body and massive head. Between her and her sister below, I like her overall depth and top line better, however, I think Star wins in the head department. She is part of C&M's herd. She won her class three times at PaSRBA this year, just wasn't enough to get any legs.

                                Polish Paradise's/ C&M's Moon

                       Drew's 226DB (Diesel) X Polish Paradise's Sugar

This is Lindsay. She is Moons sister. She has better over all roundness and a shorter body. She took a BOV leg in a massive show at MSU as a three and a half month old baby.

                            Polish Paradise's/C&M's Lindsay

                        Drew's 226DB (Diesel) X Polish Paradise's Sugar

1 leg